TshepisoDen deals with new company registrations online, the sale of Shelf companies and other business registrations online. 

How to register your new company online.

After completion, submission of your new company registration application, you will get an online confirmation and also an e-mail confirmation of the requirements and invoice for payment, thereafter we will proceed to complete your registration.  Follow our easy and fast online company registration process by clicking here.

Company registration services offered:

  • We register profit companies, private companies, public companies & personal liability companies;
  • Conversions (CC to Company, Private to Public Companies, Public to Private)
  • Non-Profit Companie
  • Restoration of deregistered Companies & CC’s;
  • Tax registrations (Tax, VAT, PAYE, Import/Export)

Click on this link to go direct to the service you would like to register for.

NCR Shelf Comany