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Let’s help you with a POS AEDO Collection Machine to collect from your customers via debit order hassle free

We can register your new company hassle free, we also do NCR registrations, FSP License applications, PSIRA, CIDB, COID registrations, fast and effectiently.  Let’s help you collect money from your customers hassle free with an aedo system from from our friendly service provider. The system is easily linked to your bank account so that all transactions are credited directly into your account. This system is very useful for the money lending business. You can use it with all your clients while they are applying for loans, you can simply insert their cards into the machine and facilitate the debit order on their payday making the collection process simple for you and your customers. Our referal process is completely free.

At TshepisoDen.com we understand the frustration of wanting to register a business and certain businesses such as NCR and FSCA (formerly FSB) where so much ambiguity and uncertainty can plague many applications of businesses we want to venture into.

You want to start a business in the financial industry without all the administration hastle and paperwork, and waiting time just to receive the necessary certificates and licenses to start trading. We have taken all that hastle for you. Having over 15 years of being in the financial industry, the Director of TshepisoDen.com, Mr Tshepiso Selahle understands all processes that come with applications and requirements of entering into industries such as “Financial Planning, Money lending, Insurance, etc” and with this experience we understand exactly what is needed at the forefront of applying for certificates and licenses and also to speed the time that would be a normal wait for approval, which can be a frustrating wait when you really want to start trading. 

Contact us and we will help you to apply for the registrations above and ensure hassle free entries into these businesses that are “FOREVER” in demand. For new company registrations we can do free B-BBEEE certificates, and a 50% off website design.

Please note that at TshepisoDen.com we are not an Accounting firm and therefore do not offer any Accounting services directly to our clients. We do however refer such requests to Certified Accountants through outsourcing. Our main function is to assist with the application process of the above registrations and to help fastrack these applications for our customers to start trading without the hassles and the long wait.