NCR - Getrenk Cash Loans (PTY)LTD - R6950

NCR shelf company

Company Information

  1. Getrenk Cash Loans (PTY)LTD is a 2023 NCR accredited company for money lending
  2. The money lending company comes with a tax clearance certificate, share certificate, BEE Affidavit and NCR certificate
  3. Director changes and address changes are done for you within 15 minutes
  4. All docs including MOI are sent to you electronically to print, you are then ready to trade in money lending

Benefits of purchasing this company

  1. A 2023 company is new and has not traded, this mitigates the risk of purchasing a business with possible debts
  2. This company comes with the relevant documents needed for any other contractual requirement, all included in the total cost
  3. You will have the comfort of having the changes done for you and it will only take 15 minutes saving you time from the admin work
  4. Electronic documents are sent to you once all the changes are done, this will be convenient for you to print any required documents for bank account opening or other purposes
  5. Having an NCR accredited company can carry weight when doing various financial related applications for the business. Some may want to venture into the financial advisory space. When registering for an FSCA certificate, the certificate adds much needed points