PTY Company Registration

  • The name of the company will end with “Pty (Ltd) or “Proprietary Limited”
  • To register a new Pty Company a minimum of 1 director is required.
  • Each incorporator will become the first director of the company.
  • During the registration process you will be kept up to date via e-mail and SMS.
  • All registration documents are lodged with the Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission, using the short standard form for private companies.
  • The standard rules and regulations of the company will be disclosed in the memorandum of incorporation and is attached with the final registration certificate.
  • The company incorporation certificate will be emailed with a link to download all supporting documents.
  • To register a Private Company is only R 850 and will include:

    – the Company Name Reservation Certificate,
    – the Company Registration Certificate,
    – the Company Income Tax Number, and
    – a free BEE Affidavit
    – share certificate
    – tax clearance pin

Please note this carries a cost of R850 which will be invoiced as soon as this application is submitted. Invoices are only valid for 4 days as prices are subject to change