Terms and Conditions (Please read)

Tshepisoden.com serves as an advertising platform to sell products and services solely for the purpose of facilitating a faster sale for the owner and commission earned for Tshepisoden.com. We liaise with every owner who sells their assets on our platform for commission. All sold vehicles carry a R2500 flat rate commission once the vehicles are sold. Banking details for payments will be made available to the owner via email  in the form of an invoice only from the email address “info@tshepisoden.com” and /or via Whatsapp or sms only from the number “081 756 2650” .  

We will receive all the customers who are interested in purchasing the vehicles that are advertised on our site and will refer them to the owner, upon the made sale it is the owners responsibility to immediately pay the R2500 commission to the banking details that will be provided .  

Any commission payment delays will attract a 5 % daily interest on the R2500, hence the importance of immediately transferring commission to the provided banking details as soon as the owner receives proceeds from a sale that is brought about by us from the site. “A payment delay” is a lapsing of 24 hours after the seller(owner) has received proceeds of a sale. 

Tshepisoden.com uses mostly paid advertising on search engines in a bid to get customers much faster for your vehicles than advertising on free platforms. As an owner of a vehicle you are not liable for any advertising cost that we incur. Advertising expense is solely for us and you can opt to remove your vehicle from the platform at any time without any liability.

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