Annual Financial Statements

  1. Annual financial statements can be done for all companies
  2. These statements are drafted by an approved and qualified accountant guaranteeing our clients the best service
  3. We only require 12 months bank statements of the year/s in question, asset and liabilities, monthly expenses of the business
  4. Trust us to deliver fast, reliable and quality statements that will improve your business cash flow
  5. We also assist with submitting SARS returns to keep your company up to date

Benefits of having statements

  1. The balance sheet shows a company’s assets (what they own), liabilities (what they owe), and stockholders’ equity (or ownership) at a given moment
  2. The income statement reports the revenue generated from sales, the operating expenses involved in creating that revenue as well as other costs, such as taxes and interest expense on any debt on the balance sheet
  3. The cash flow statement measures the cash generated for a period, including all of the transactions added to or subtracted from cash
  4. Cash flow is important because it shows how much cash is available to meet short-term obligations

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